International students studying in a secondary vocational school or upper secondary school

Student health services

Where are we?

Address is Harjukatu 48, Health and social services centre of Lahti (Lahden sote-keskus), Masto-wing, 6th floor

Who is entitled?

You can use student health care services in Lahti if you study at a secondary vocational school or upper secondary school full-time in Lahti for at least two months.

In addition to student health care services, you can use the health care services provided by your municipality of residence.

You can contact us if:

  • you need help with your health issues
  • you fall ill, or you have a minor accident
  • you want to talk about something that bothers you regarding your health or ability to study
  • you have questions about sexual health and contraception.

Where can you get our contact information?

First you need to know in which school you are studying and then you can find the right contact information from the website Ajanvaraus ja yhteystiedot.

How to book an appointment time?

Appointment time to public health nurse must be booked in advance.  Call or send Wilma or Helmi -message to your public health nurse. You can also book an appointment time to your public health nurse online at the website sähköinen ajanvarauspalvelu.

Fees for student health care

Visiting public health nurse is free of charge for students who have a municipality of residence, a European medical card or other right-of-care certificate in Finland.

If an international student wants to use public services other than student healthcare, the first thing that is essential is whether the student has a domicile in Finland.

If you come to Finland from another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom in order to study here, your stay in Finland is usually considered temporary. In that case, your country of origin is responsible for your social security benefits. You are, however, entitled to medically necessary health care if you have a European Health Insurance Card issued by your country of origin.

You can find more information from the website

Don’t hesitate to contact and ask help from us. If we can’t help you, we will give you further instructions.

Doctor’s services at the student healthcare are limited. All the doctor’s appointment times are booked through public health nurse. If you visit your public health nurse and we find out that you need a doctor, we will either book you an appointment time to a doctor in student healthcare or we will instruct you how to go to your healthcare clinic.

What to do if:

…you fall ill and you wish to get help:  you can contact your public health nurse by phone during phone time and we will give you further instructions OR you can contact public healthcare at your healthcare clinic. Phone service for Lahti Health and social services centre number is 03 4108 9420 Monday – Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Check out the services of your own health and social services centre from the website Sote-keskukset.

…you need help outside of office hours: Outside of office hours there is a 24/7 on-call healthcare unit at Päijät-Hämeen keskussairaala called Akuutti24. Address is Keskussairaalankatu 7. Akuutti24 will take care of patients whose medical examination or treatment cannot be postponed safely to next day.

It is recommendable to call to Akuutti24 before going there. Phone number is 116117. Prefer taking care of your matter during daytime if it is possible.