Guidelines on meeting with patients and relatives, outdoor recreation and home leaves at Päijät-Sote hospitals

The current recommendation is to avoid any non-necessary visits to hospitals

  • In the case of a critically or terminally ill patient, individual judgement will be exercised and a safe meeting can be arranged.
  • Neither the patient nor the visitors may have any symptoms of a respiratory infection during a visit.
  • We recommend that only one person visits a patient at a time, whenever possible.
  • Visits should preferably take place outdoors or in public hospital areas.
  • If it is not possible to meet outside the ward, visitors are encouraged to keep the visit as short as possible. This recommendation aims to reduce the infection risk during visits.
  • During the visit, face masks must be worn and social distancing and good hand hygiene must be practiced.
  • We recommend that you take a face mask with you when you come to hospital as a patient or visitor.
  • A relative or loved one can take the patient outside if they are well enough to go outdoors, as long as the safety instructions above are followed.

Home leave or staying with relatives

  • Patient home leaves are not recommended.
  • A home leave is possible if it is absolutely necessary, provided that there are no people with symptoms of a respiratory infection or confirmed COVID-19 at home, and none of the loved ones have been exposed to the coronavirus.
  • During the home leave, the patient should primarily spend time with their family only and avoid any situations where social distancing is not possible.