Maternity ward

In our maternity ward, we take care of the wellbeing of the expectant mother and infant baby with warmth and expertise before and after an important family event.

To the maternity ward when childbirth begins or if you need urgent care

About 1,600 babies are born in the maternity ward of Päijät-Häme Central Hospital every year. Obstetricians and anyone in need of urgent care during the emergency, who are over 20 weeks pregnant, can arrive at the maternity ward of our central hospital around the clock without separate calls. The maternity ward also treats emergency gynecological patients during on-call time.

Always keep your maternity and child health card with you during pregnancy and when you go to hospital. If you are wondering when it would be good to go to the hospital, read the instructions and advice on the When to the hospital page? and an urgent problem during pregnancy. If necessary, you can call for assistance.

Maternity ward facilities

The maternity ward is on the first floor of the hospital, right next to the maternity clinic. The waiting room at the maternity hospital is a common space with the maternity clinic. Our facility has six maternity wards and three so-called chamber rooms. There is also a room with a bath and a treatment room for newborn babies.

Apart from caesarean section, all births take place in maternity wards. The chambers in the maternity ward are used for pre-natal care, for instance at the start of childbirth. They also often monitor the early stages of child labour when there is no need for nitrous or back anesthetics yet. After giving birth, the family moves to the maternity ward 64.


Mother / spouse parking is available in public paid parking areas. When bringing the mother, you can park for a short time in the short-term place in front of Akuutti24, but the car must then be moved to the parking area.

Visits to the maternity ward

The maternity ward does not have the opportunity to visit. A spouse or one support person / doula chosen by the mother is welcome to attend and there are no time limits for visiting. If the birth is just due or is being started, consider staying with the spouse / support person separately. In most cases, it works without issues.

Contact information

Maternity ward

Telephone service

Phone: +358 3 8192357

Maternity ward

Service point · Lahti

Address: Keskussairaalankatu 7, 15850 Lahti

1st floor

More information:

The maternity ward of Päijät-Häme Central Hospital is open 24 hours a day.

The entrance is from the door of Akuutti 24.

Follow the white line on the floor and the ceiling / wall markings at the maternity reception desk.

Take the 1st floor up the elevator and continue following the white line upon arrival at the maternity reception door (shared with the maternity clinic).

The maternity ward can be accompanied by a spouse or support person, not other guests.